Helpful Tips To Appreciate Your First Full-Body Massage

When you have already passed the first quarter of your life and you don’t want to reach the second one without trying the full-body massage for the first time, there is no better opportunity for it than now. Various types of massages, after all, are known for helping a person relax knotted muscles all over the body. When you get a medical one, it may treat sprains, headaches, and other physical problems.

Gail Bruce-Sanford, PhD, director of the Metro State College of Denver’s counseling center mentioned that massage therapy is one of the perks offered during the school’s “The De-Stress Fest.” She said, “Together with the student health center, we invite massage therapists, aromatherapists, acupuncturists, biofeedback technicians, nutritionists, touch therapists and Tai Chi specialists who provide nontraditional techniques of stress reduction.”


Nonetheless, the assurance that you will have a great experience does not solely depend on the fanciness of the spa that you visit. That is as significant as meeting a professional masseuse, of course. According to James Lake, MD, “Massage is safe when done by a trained therapist, seldom resulting in injuries.”

However, some things may allow you to appreciate your first full-body massage better.

  1. Clear Your Head Before The Therapy

Whether you booked an appointment with the masseuse the other day or you prefer to drop by without prior notice, you should make peace with the idea of getting massage therapy before stepping into the spa. You will stretch out on the massage table; the therapist will knead your muscles. You may find it awkward in the beginning; the parts where your tissues are stiff may hurt too when the masseuse smoothens them out. After an hour or so, though, you might stop complaining about your exhausted body.

It matters to clear your head before the therapy because you might decide against it right when the masseuse is about to perform the massage. Just relax and avoid anticipating weird stuff to happen. Everything mentioned above is mostly what takes place during a rub-down session.

  1. Don’t Take All Your Clothes Off

Did you wait this long to receive a massage because you didn’t have the courage to take your clothes off in the therapy room?

Well, in that case, you waited for no reason. The spa center is not like a beach where you need to be bikini-ready. It is not a resort either in which you can only wear specific stuff. Although it will be ideal to leave your underwear on since a blanket will cover your entire body, you are still free to keep your shirt or shorts on if that makes you comfortable.



  1. Be Upfront About Your Preferences

The massage therapists went to school to study the pressure points in the human anatomy and the techniques that can permit the blood to flow in blocked bodily tissues. They train for months under the supervision of respectable teachers. Afterward, they obtain a certification indicating that these professionals are ready to take on clients who are dealing with stress, aching muscles, bad posture, and other problems that can go away without medication.

“The massage therapist bears witness to our mounting stresses and vulnerabilities, and helps unblock the passageways that allow us to fully breathe in life,” said Stephen L. Salter, PsyD. “An observant massage therapist need only consult a client’s muscles to gain an understanding of their psychology. For instance, some individuals’ muscles may come across as more or less penetrable.”

Despite that, the therapists have not foreseen what their customers possibly want during the session. They cannot tell from your first meeting whether you prefer soft over hard kneading, or vice versa. These people have no clue about your ticklish body parts. They are not aware either of the areas that you don’t wish to get touched. Hence, do not hesitate to speak of your preferences before and during therapy.

  1. Ask Questions

Since it is your first time to get a full-body massage, you undoubtedly laid down on the table with your mind full of interesting questions. For example, “Don’t the therapist’s hands hurt when they massage a few people every day?” “Why do you have stiff muscles in various places?” “What will happen if you take a shower immediately after the session?”

Most professionals will gladly answer any of your queries. They understand that doing so often helps their clients to relax as it shows how well-versed they are when it comes to massages.




Are You Ready?

If you think of the tips above when you decide to get a massage, your first try will surely be a blast. Good luck!


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