When You’re Looking For A Trustworthy Massage Therapist

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Massage therapy involves the art of kneading your sore and stiff muscles to allow the blood to flow through your body tissues. “Massage is widely used in all cultures to evoke feelings of deep relaxation and reduced anxiety,” wrote James Lake, MD. You come to the spa when you cannot straighten your back even though you do not have spinal issues. A rubdown after a full day of labor can also revitalize your system and keep you from getting consumed by stress.

Despite the number of massage places that have sprouted in almost every block, though, it remains challenging to find one with trustworthy masseuses. Some hire new therapists who do not have experience in the field. Others act unprofessionally and talk your ear off about the establishment’s “organic” products and other stuff they sell.

So when you are looking for a massage therapist that you can count on anytime, you should try doing the following.

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Know What You Need

Your initial course of action is to figure out why your body is in need of a great massage. “Most people get a massage in order to relax, perhaps a pleasurable way to unwind after a long work week. Others go to address some physical discomfort or injury. Maybe your lower back aches from sitting too much in front of a computer,” wrote Stephen L. Salter, PsyD. Are you exhausted from work? Are your muscles sore from playing sports? Did you notice how bad your posture is getting, and you wish to have it corrected?

Many types of massage therapies are out there. You will be able to meet the best therapist for you faster when you focus on the professionals who might know what you want to be done.

Go To Different Spas

Once you are sure about the kind of massage that you need, you should then visit various massage centers that offer it. Just like when you do experimentations in a science lab, you have to have at least three trials before you make a deduction. You cannot settle for the spa that is closest to your place, primarily if you do not like their services deep down.

Ask About Their Experiences

The thing is, you can get to know a therapist before you even lie down on the massage table. While he or she is preparing stuff in the room, you may inquire if he or she has worked with someone who has the same case as you. In case your masseuse can list the number of times he or she encountered a similar client and speak of how that person improved after a few sessions, then you might feel more inclined to try getting a massage from him or her.

Be Specific About Your Wants

According to Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP, and Allison J. Shale, MS, “There are several different types of massage, each utilizing slightly different techniques. For example, Swedish massage, the most commonly used form of massage in the United States, involves ‘a combination of long strokes, kneading motion and friction on the layers of muscle just beneath the skin’.”

No matter how skillful the masseuse is, you should not assume that he or she will be able to guess how you want your massage. For example, do you want soft or hard kneading? Where does it hurt? Although the therapist will essentially rub you down all over – if you get a full-body massage, that is – you have to inform the masseuse about your preferences as the session continues.

Get Recommendations From Friends

With massage therapy being a mainstream practice, there is a possibility that some of your friends know a masseuse that they can refer to you. It is ideal if the therapist has been working with them for a while. The number of months or years that your buddies invested on the masseuse can tell you how good he or she may be in this profession. After all, nobody will stick with a massage therapist who does not know how to do his or her job, especially when you can look for a better one elsewhere.

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Stop telling yourself that perhaps you are merely not used to getting massages; that’s why you feel uncomfortable. A masseuse who’s worthy of your trust will not do anything to make you uneasy. He or she will notice how tensed your muscles are and ask whether you want to resume the massage or have it next time.

Remember these things when you are looking for a trustworthy masseuse.



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