Signs That A Massage May Be Necessary In Your Life

Isn’t it mesmerizing how a believer and non-believer of massages talk about the practice?

The former goes, “Hey, there’s a new spa around the corner. Let’s try their massage therapy on Saturday – it will be my treat.” Then, the latter waves his or her hand and says, “Ugh, take someone else with you. Watching Netflix and eating a box of pizza on my own is my kind of weekend.”




Well, first of all, that is sad. Instead of hanging out with real people, you choose to binge-watch and gain extra pounds. Second of all, a friend is giving you a chance to get a massage for free. You only need to be at the place and let people take care of you. It’s not stress-free to find a generous fellow like that.

Nevertheless, it is apparent that you won’t ever go to a spa for no other reason even if anyone offers to pay you a million bucks. Thus, we have compiled the signs that a massage may be a necessity in your life right now.




  1. You Rarely Leave Your Work Desk

No matter what your job is, your posture when you are working in front of a computer or writing notes is the same as everyone else’s. You slightly bend your head down to see what you are doing correctly. Your shoulders curve forward, depending on how far your arms are from the table. Your spine may also be arching backward often when you don’t catch yourself slumping a bit. And all of these things you with your butt plastered on a chair for more or less eight hours.

Over time, your body will remember this type of posture, and it will be a challenge for you to straighten out your back and neck. That is why you need a massage – to have a professional relax your muscles, to the extent that you’ll be able to sit and walk straight easily again.

“Maybe your lower back aches from sitting too much in front of a computer. Massage can be a sumptuous delight that treats your body’s aches and pains,” wrote Stephen L. Salter, PsyD.

  1. You Cannot Sleep Well

Some assume that sleeping is one of the most effortless tasks in the world. You lie down, and sleep naturally comes to you. Play soft music, and you can doze off like a baby.

However, you cannot underestimate how hard it is to shut your eyes and drift off to la-la land when your muscles are aching. If it’s your legs, you don’t know whether you should go into a fetal position or keep them dangling out of bed. If it’s your back, you may only be able to rest after putting many pillows underneath you or laying sideways.

The thing is, you cannot take mefenamic acid or sleeping pills forever to relieve the pain. They may have side effects, which will appear months or years later. You better allow a masseuse to soothe your tensed muscles so that sleeping won’t be a hassle for you.

Researches have shown how effective massage can be for various health concerns. Tiffany Field, PhD, wrote, “[I]n a study on pain management in hospital inpatients from medical, surgical and obstetrics units, significant reductions in pain were reported (50% reduction on visual analog scales) accompanied by less sleep disturbance.”

  1. You Feel Stressed Out On A Daily Basis

Don’t you notice a drastic change in your behavior when stress overwhelms your system?

Your typically patient self-becomes temperamental. You hold grudges to people around you even if their single mistake is putting the billing statements on the table or not getting your coffee. Of course, your work performance is not as faultless as before, which may make you even madder and sadder at once.

When everything seems to fall apart for you, perhaps all you truly need is a simple massage. You should relax your muscles to let go of your worries. You cannot do that when you’re staying at home, brooding and throwing popcorn at characters on TV.

James Lake, MD, shared, “In my own clinical experience working with patients who complain of chronic stress, test-taking stress and generalized anxiety, regular massage therapy effectively reduces anxiety, improves emotional resilience and enhances feelings of general well-being in anxious patients.”




Final Thoughts

When you get past the mental image of lying in a table almost entirely naked and letting a masseuse rub you down, you will see that it is good for your well-being. Hopefully, though, the realization will come quickly, especially if you look at these signs within you.



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