Benefits Of Massage Therapy That You Ought To Know About 

In spite of the different fields that people work in, the daily routine that everyone follows is pretty much the same. When your alarm clock goes off, you barely have time to exercise, shower and prepare and eat your first meal of the day. At your workplace, it is rare to see your desk empty as new projects come before you can complete the existing ones. If there are suffocating deadlines to meet, you might have to stay past the eight-hour mark to finish all the work. Thus, once you hit the road and reach your home, you may not even get to remove your clothes before passing out in bed.


The thing is, you zonk out too fast because you maxed out your energy. Instead of having enough strength to freshen up or talk to your loved ones before bedtime, your system practically shuts down as soon as your body touches the cushion. Our bodies communicate consistently all day long with all kinds of electrical and chemical impulses and these impulses tell our brain and body what to do. “Process this, dump that, pay attention here, this doesn’t need your attention …” Under normal circumstances, the only messages are the ones that need attention—you are fully present, encoding the information, and it’s not a big deal,” Jennifer Sweeton PsyD says. Will it make you feel any better in the morning? Not at all. In fact, the more you push yourself to the limit like that, the more exhausted you will feel.

That is the moment when you need to welcome massage therapy in your life. Regardless of the kind of job you have or the amount of money you earn every month, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a masseuse who can relax your muscles and smooth out the air pockets within your body. Of course, the practice comes with other benefits too.

      1. It Enhances Blood Circulation



Considering you don’t get a massage because you find it awkward to allow a stranger, albeit a professional masseuse, to press, twist and squeeze your muscles all over, perhaps you don’t know why they use such techniques.

Well, their goal is to unblock every blood vessel and tissue in your body so that the red juice of life can flow everywhere. If you keep those pathways congested, there’s a possibility that you will feel pain in the areas where blood doesn’t pass. For an easy comparison, the idea is almost the same as when you sit cross-legged for too long, and the leg underneath suddenly cramps up, and then you have to stand up or stretch it in front of you to give your blood more room to circulate.

       2. It Relieves Stress 

Stress is among those problems that you can’t see, yet you know is always ready to kick your butt when you’re not looking. It can come from being overworked or dealing with unnecessary drama in your life. James Lake MD even emphasizes the history of massage and its role in relieving stress-related issues: “Consistent anecdotal evidence, a long history of widespread use of massage for stress reduction, and positive findings of open trials support the view that regular massage therapy reduces the severity of chronic moderate anxiety in general, and specifically when anxiety is related to test-taking or problem-solving, work stress or the anticipation of invasive medical procedures.” It’s understandably difficult to pull yourself out of that state of mind or even confide in anyone about your issues, but you might like having stress kneaded out of your system through a fantastic, long massage.


The reason is that the practice can soothe any aching part of the body. That pain may even be the result of bottling up your stress. Thus, when the knots and muscle tensions go away, the latter may soon follow.

     3It Increases Immunity 

In conjunction with the previous number, massage is known to boost the immune system as well. Whenever you stress out over something for weeks, after all, your life tends to revolve around its source, to the extent that you forget how to live appropriately. You rarely eat or take a bath; you don’t talk to any of your friends. You may not even manage to exercise, although you used to love staying fit. The outcome, therefore, is that it’s easy for viruses and bacteria to sneak up on you and inhabit your body.

Assuming that setup is no longer ideal for you, you can start prying yourself away from it by going to a massage parlor. The process of kneading your pressure points and aching muscles can effectively relieve stress. Besides, it activates your system’s defenders against foreign entities, thus keeping your immunity high.

    4. It Beats Bad Posture

Last but not the least, if ever you are guilty of sitting behind your desk all day long, you can also benefit from getting a massage. What happens when you stay in that position often is that you can’t help but curb your shoulders forward. At times, you may even have your head bent down for hours to look at whatever you’re writing or doing on the computer.


Although you are getting your job done, the imbalance on your posture can give you an intense body pain. You can feel that not only on your shoulder and neck but also on your lower back. However, by allowing a therapist to massage you, he or she can restore your balance so that you’ll be able to stand straighter than ever and experience less to zero muscle pain due to your desk job.


Isn’t it amazing a simple technique can improve your well-being? You don’t even have to talk to anyone if you’re not ready for that. Like Jeffrey Barnett PsyD said, “The use of massage has been studied for its effectiveness in treating various psychological symptoms, such as depression, anxiety and stress.” You can merely let the masseuse relax your body, and then feel like a renewed individual afterward. Hence, get rid of your inhibitions and receive a massage today.


Author: Marie Miguel

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