Common Illnesses That Make A Massage Unsuitable For You 

A massage is nothing short of a lifesaver for many people. 

“Massage can be a sumptuous delight that treats your body’s aches and pains. But it can also be an effective choice of treatment for a number of psychological issues: depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity, and posttraumatic stress, to name a few,” said Stephen L. Salter, PsyD.

In case you have seen Lady Gaga’s documentary already, then you know that she often travels with a masseuse to relieve some of the pain brought by fibromyalgia. A few studies have also shown that getting a massage on a regular basis can ease anxiety and depression. Furthermore, the more you receive a rub down, the faster your stress may dissipate. That is essential for a great sleep and a robust immune system, to be honest.  




James Lake, MD, said,  “Massage is safe when done by a trained therapist, seldom resulting in injuries. However, individuals who have chronic pain disorders or other medical conditions that involve the musculoskeletal system should consult with their physician before receiving regular massage therapy.”

As much as we want to say that a massage is recommendable for everyone, though, it indeed is not. That’s why spas typically give customers a form where you can encircle, check, or cross out any condition you may have. They will base the decision on whether you can get a massage or not on your answers. 

Here are the common illnesses that make this therapy unsuitable for you. 

  1. Burns, Boils, Et Cetera

The attendant may ask you to come back another day if you have any of these skin problems. The reason is that the therapist needs to do a skin-to-skin contact to knead your body correctly. “Massage therapists use their hands, fingers and sometimes their forearms or feet as a way to ‘relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness’,” wrote Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP, and Allison J. Shale, MS.

If they do that even though they know that you have a pus-filled boil, the latter might burst and spread the bacteria to the masseuse. Instead of relaxing, therefore, you two might spend an hour disinfecting the opening it left on your body and cleaning up the mess it caused. 

Meanwhile, you can’t also obtain a massage if you have sunburn or open wounds. You will only be in pain throughout the entire session since the therapist has to squeeze, twist and press your body parts.  

  1. Cancer


Massage centers have a valid reason for turning away cancer patients too. It isn’t because they discriminate or fear catching the problematic cells. In reality, they are afraid of spreading cancer even more in the client’s body. 

That is not an impossibility, especially since massages aim to increase lymphatic circulation. The masseuse unblocks the vessels and capillaries where blood can’t pass through, meaning to say. However, if the cancer cells go along with the fluids, the disease might develop in various areas as well. 

  1. Severe HIV Infection

Once again, spa attendants do not decline giving service to HIV-positive clients due to derogatory causes. They are aware that the infection won’t transfer to the therapists because they will never exchange bodily fluids. However, extreme caution is essential for people who have a severe case of AIDS because that’s when swellings and sores appear on their body.  

If the center doesn’t have an expert masseuse, it’s likely that they won’t risk hurting the client and refer them to other locations instead.   

  1. Osteoporosis

Therapists got trained to relax hard muscles and allow the blood to flow throughout the body. It entails that they may use much pressure to get the job done.  




Considering the customer has osteoporosis, though, the experience might merely cause him or her pain. Thus, folks with brittle bones may be better off without a massage as well. 


In case you know that you have these illnesses, you should understand that the spa wouldn’t give you a massage for your good. They don’t want to worsen any disease you suffer from currently. You can always come back when you’re free from open wounds or other physical disorders. So try not to feel bitter about it and focus on becoming healthy again. 

Good luck! 



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