The 2016 Tacoma Massage Therapy Workshop


One of the most important topics discussed during the 2016 Tacoma Massage Therapy Workshop is the existence of massage shops that do not have the necessary license or authority to operate. These establishments exist in different parts of the United States, which is why it is quite alarming. Unfortunately, some of these massage places are even engaged in some criminal activities such as prostitution.

The truth of the matter is that these massage parlors can cause some damaging effects to the entrepreneurs who are serious in their quest to succeed in the massage and spa industry. Those establishments with no license continue to operate because the authorities have not yet caught them. Because of these, the police department is starting to act fast in making sure that they capture the men who are behind the operations of the said businesses.

In the same workshop, the people who are engaged in a legitimate business of operating a massage spa are reminded to be mindful of the rules and regulations that they have to follow. Just because they have been issued a license to run the shop does not mean that they can already do whatever they want. Of course, they still need to follow the requirements provided for under the law. They have to operate within the metes and bounds of the grant or authority given to them.


Unfortunately, some of them are also in violation of the laws of the state. A percentage of the owners of legitimate massage parlors also engage in unlawful activities such as solicitation. At the same time, they also violate the employment laws of their specific state. For this reason, the police department is also finding ways to locate these violators. Hopefully, the government will succeed in their efforts to capture these criminals.

If you know someone or an establishment violating the laws, make sure to report them immediately.


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