Different Types Of Massage – Which One Is For You?

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Massage…. Ahhhhhh… When I hear that word, it makes my head spin in delight. I love getting massages, especially Swedish massage therapy. (I read about the psychology of massage therapy a few years ago and learned that psychologists are recommending it. Since then, monthly massages for me!) It has always been my type of massage – circular motions, and the therapist is kneading my body – not too hard, a bit soft and just pressing on my muscles. I love it!

But for you, what is your type of massage? Here are twelve different massage types that you can read and understand. So when you go to a spa, you will then know which type of massage is the best for you.

Swedish Massage

As I’ve said, this is my most favorite type of massage type. Swedish massage is best for people who are new to massage therapy, those who are ticklish or sensitive to other people’s touch, and for people who have a lot of body tension and stressed muscles.

This type of massage will last for about sixty minutes, but some clients as for an extension which goes up to 90 minutes. As the therapy goes, it will loosen up your knotted muscles through kneading, and you will end up relaxed and maybe even sleepy afterward. If you need to rejuvenate, try this type of massage therapy.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is another type of therapeutic massage which is somewhat to Swedish but using stones during the session. So instead of the therapists just using their hands to do the kneading, they have the heated stones as well to aid in the massage.

The heated stones are positioned on the whole body, and it will relieve muscle strain, improve blood circulation, and alleviate pain. With this, the massage will surely relax the tired body and also reduce one’s stress.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Do you want to:

  • Lift your spirits, and have a good mood?
  • Lessen your stressful and anxious disposition?
  • Minimize your signs of depression?
  • Get rid of muscle stiffness?
  • Achieve pain relief?

Answering yes to all the questions above means you might like aromatherapy massage. This type of therapy uses essential oils (combined with base oils) on the body with gentle pressure. Some therapists use massage oils, focusing on your back, shoulders, and head, while the essential oil is diffused as the client inhales it during therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage therapy utilizes deep finger pressure and slow strokes. The target of the therapist here is to release the tension within the deepest layers of your muscles. If you are experiencing anxiety, or your body is too sore, and suffering from chronic body pain, including injury, deep tissue massage therapy will be best for you.

Sports Massage

Athletes are prone to injuries, which is why sports massage therapy is always available to them. Active people like them use the same muscle groups every day, day in and day out. This is the reason why their muscles may develop an injury, and a massage is necessary. Athletes without injuries may also benefit from this type of massage therapy since it can increase flexibility and performance. The massage is also a relief for those with anxious disposition, strained muscles, and body pain.

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Trigger Point Massage

From the name itself, trigger point massage is therapy for those with tight muscles. These muscles are called “trigger points,” and it has to be relieved or else; chronic pain will be experienced daily. The therapist will attempt to ease this painful points through a massage. Specific parts for the body that is in pain will be managed.


For those who want to relax deeply, and be revitalized, then, reflexology may work for you. It restores your energy levels as massage therapy lasts for thirty minutes. Some ask for more. The main focus of reflexology massage therapy are the feet, hands, and ears on its pressure points. The pressure is firm but gently applied.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a massage therapy originating from Japan wherein the therapist will utilize his or her hands, thumbs, and palms to relieve your stress, aching, and tension. Rhythmic pressure will be applied throughout the body by the therapist, and you don’t have to unclothe while the therapy is done.

Thai Massage

If you are fond of yoga stretches, then, you will enjoy Thai massage therapy. You will be stretched and twisted since it is part of the therapy, and compared to other massage types, this is more active.

Prenatal Massage

This type of massage is for those who are pregnant to relieve their tired, and strained body, especially those who are near their delivery date. The therapist will take extra precaution so as not to strain the mother as she rests on her side. Her lower back, hips, and legs are focused on this therapy.

Couples Massage

Some couples are fond of getting massages, which is why they would instead do it together in one room. Depending upon the offered service, couples massage may include spa treatments like manicure, pedicure, facial, body scrub, sauna, hot tub bath. As for the massage type, you can choose which therapy you like.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a brief type of massage therapy which lasts a maximum of thirty minutes. Usually, the therapy is about ten minutes, and you will sit down as it happens. The therapist will massage your neck, shoulders, and back utilizing light to medium pressure, depending upon your request.

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