Should You Get A Massage?



Massage therapy is starting to become famous to several individuals. Nowadays, many people are beginning to try this form of treatment because of the proven benefits that it provides. At the same time, several establishments offer massage services. Because of this, the service has become more available and convenient to try for interested clients.


If you are still trying to see whether massage is ideal for you, be sure to read this article so that you will know the various advantages that it can provide to your body. You will be surprised or amazed to find out that it is precisely what you need in most days of your life. Here are the top main reasons why you should consider getting a massage therapy session regularly:


It Reduces Muscle Tension


If you are the kind of person who has an active lifestyle, then you need to make massage a part of your weekly or monthly routine. It is ideal for athletes or people who regularly go to the gym. Whenever you feel that your body is exhausted from all the physical activities that you do, you can try massage right away. One session can already make you feel free from all forms of muscle pains. The reason behind this is because massage reduces the tension in your muscles. “The massage therapist rubs, kneads and stretches the muscles in order to relax them and improve circulation and function,” explains Constance Scharff, Ph.D. She says that, “Massage can also be part of physical therapy to heal aches and improve some medical conditions.”


It Takes Your Stress Away


Massage can be a good idea if you have a bad day. An excellent massage therapist can take all the stress that you feel. According to James Lake, Ph.D., “…regular massage is a widely used technique in many cultures to treat chronic stress and anxiety and deserves serious consideration.” He added, “Consistent anecdotal evidence, a long history of widespread use of massage for stress reduction, and positive findings of open trials support the view that regular massage therapy reduces the severity of chronic moderate anxiety in general, and specifically when anxiety is related to test-taking or problem-solving, work stress or the anticipation of invasive medical procedures.”

However, it is only possible if the said professional has gone through the proper training in giving a massage. As such, it is essential to choose the right massage therapist to take good care of you. You cannot randomly select the person who will administer the massage techniques. Otherwise, you may end up feeling more stress than relief.


It Reduces Depression


If you feel that you are going through the signs and symptoms of depression, make sure that you book an appointment with your therapist as soon as possible. Keep in mind that massage has been proven to reduce depression in many people. Someone who gets massage therapy regularly can only enjoy this benefit. Remember that depression cannot be solved with just one session. If you want to make it work for you, you need to come to the spa on a regular schedule.

“The size and effect of massage therapy on trait anxiety and depression is virtually the same as that routinely found in the research studies of psychotherapy for those same conditions,” Christopher Moyer, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin–Stout, explains. “Typically, both take place in a private setting and are based on a ‘50-minute hour’ for the length of the session. Repeated sessions on a weekly schedule—or similar—would be a traditional or common pattern when the goal is long-term reduction of anxiety or depression.”


It Improves Mobility


Another great advantage of going to massage spas is it can also improve your mobility in the long run. Take note that the massage therapist knows the right parts of your body that needs to be healed. If he applies the right pressure at the correct body part, you will experience a form of relief. It can be a reduction in the tension in your muscles. At the same time, it can also lead to improved mobility. As a result, you will become more active and energetic to face the day.


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