5-Second Muscle Relaxation Technique

There are a lot of things you can get from the 2019 current events. Some of the events are useful, but some can make you feel stressed and anxious. With all the things around your that will require your physical and mental strength, you need to consider working on some relaxation technique, even for seconds.


How To Do It?

First, you need to sit or lie down. Find your body’s proper posture. Then take a deep breath, slowly through your nose. Hold it for a couple of seconds before exhaling. After that, take a deep breath while gradually squeezing the muscles in your specific body parts. You can do this for about five seconds.

Arms – You can work on your arms by squeezing the muscles on your hands. You can do it by stretching it forward or placing it behind your head. Imagine it like you are squeezing some lemons. Once done, relax your whole arm by slowly putting it down.


Shoulders – Squeeze your shoulder muscles by allowing your back muscles to touch each other. Once you feel a little stiff, release the tension from your back. Then mover your shoulders up and down for 5 seconds, and work on a rotational movement after that. It will allow the stiff muscle to go back in its right place.

Face – Releasing muscle tension on your face is simple. You can start by smiling widely, pretending your mouth is trying to reach your ears. Then follow up by frowning for a couple of seconds before attempting to do both simultaneously.

Legs – Working on your lower body part can start by pulling your toes towards your hips. Work on it until you feel loose and relaxed. Do not change position, not until you feel a little release of tension. Then stretch for five seconds to relax the legs muscle group.


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